More than just protecting your building

The job is to fireproof your asset.
The mission is to look after everyone:
Our people. Your premises. The general public.


How we create a safe, rewarding
work environment every day:

  • OSHA adherence

    Rigorous, updated written safety program to meet all OSHA regulations and protect our employees.

  • Safety training

    Employees are extensively trained in product and site safety, and attend regular protocol meetings.

  • Team building

    Employees enjoy weekly Toolbox Talks, where we talk shop and inspire them to look out for each other.

  • Redundant testing

    All equipment, including scaffolding, ladders, and lifts, are tested often and sincerely.

  • Machine skills lab

    Operators continually train in safe use of forklifts, aerial lifts and non-mechanical access devices.

  • Even more training

    Every Ocean member has careerlong access to additional OSHA training opportunities.


How we ensure you get what
you pay for, for the long term:

  • The best goods

    Ocean is proud to use premium supplies from nationally recognized, UL-approved brands.

  • Client education

    With every job, you receive thorough guidelines for meeting all code requirements.

  • Job’s archive

    We maintain accessible records of all documents, specs and application details.

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When safety is first, it lasts.