Our Team

The Ocean way starts at the top.

With a combined half-century in industry experience, our leadership sets a company wide standard for proud, personal passionate service.

A hands-on, heart-in leader



E: shaya@oceanfireproofing.com
P: 732.719.9785 Ext. 115
C: 738.575.5158

Shaya insists on being there for the client as much as for the job. He lives and breathes fireproofing, personally visiting the site and involving himself throughout the process.

Shaya trained under the industry’s foremost innovators. He brings keen insights into code and spec requirements, regularly yielding impressive cost savings. Call him direct to discover an exemplary leader who leads by example.

A site operator who gets it done



E: Frivas@oceanfireproofing.com
P: 732.719.9785 Ext. 116

Francisco leverages over a decade of intimate experience with large-scale fireproofing projects. He serves as our onsite enforcer of safety and scheduling requirements.

He personally supervises all field work, keeping the entire operation humming in unison. Consider Francisco your project’s secret weapon against tight timelines and a complex collaboration matrix.

The ultimate value engineer


Project Coordinator/Chief Estimator

E: Yehuda@oceanfireproofing.com
P: 732.719.9785 Ext.111

Yehuda is a relentlessly efficient project researcher and estimator. Never daunted by structure complexity or bid deadlines, he checks off every code requirement, engineers value into the specs that yield the best quote, and expertly manages schedules and logistics. He is the asset both our companies deserve, streamlining our team’s workload and maximizing your investment value. When he’s on your project, the bottom line is in your favor.
Simply the best, by our estimate



E: Eli@oceanfireproofing.com
P: 732.719.9785 Ext. 121

Eli has earned the respect and admiration of his team members through his remarkable work ethic and constant push for efficiency. His contagious attitude turns the most stressful part of the process into a joy for team and client.

On the job, Eli works seamlessly with Yehuda to devise smart, creative solutions for each project. He will go the extra mile to deliver estimates on time, every time—regardless of the deadline.